Screen Printing Styles

At Inkorporate Graphics we love options. There are many ways to screen print your garments, each with its own pros and cons. Check out our perfected printing styles detailed below and see what option is right for you, or send us an email

Plastisol Screen Printing

Plastisol is the most common ink used for printing. It produces a bold, opaque color on dark garments with crisp detail. As the name suggests, this printing style has a more plasticized texture that sits on top of the garment.

Simulated Screen Printing
Simulated Process

Simulated process is a way of taking an image that historically would have been printed via CMYK, but instead using more opaque ink to create a more stable color and production friendly ink that can print almost any design for any garment. This process relies heavily on halftones and works wonderfully for high-detailed artwork

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge is a wonderful alternative to our traditional plastisol printing, but requires a dark fabric made of 100% cotton. Discharge inks use Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate to react with dye in the originating fabric. The result is a natural soft feel of the design that feels just like the shirt after the first wash.

Specialty Screen Printing
Specialty Inks

Specialty inks can be a great way to make your artwork pop! We offer a wide variety of specialty inks including glitters & shimmers, fluorescent colors and reflective ink.

4 Color Screen Printing
4 Color Process

Process printing is a specialized printing technique that utilizes the ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, and occasionally spot colors to create a full spectrum colors on the garment. These prints are heavily reliant on halftones and requires wet-on-wet printing so colors can properly mix.of

Performance Screen Printing

Performance printing is a great resource for athletic gear and moisture wicking garments. Dense, opaque inks are used to block shirt color from showing through in your print when producing on polyester garments.

Ink Transfers
Ink Transfers

Ink Transfers are screen printed designs printed on transfer paper and covered with a formulated powder adhesive that reacts to heat. These transfers can be applied to face masks, koozies, and other items that cannot traditionally be screen printed.

Oversize Screen Printing

Oversize Screens use the same print styles detailed above on a larger scale. With oversize screens we can print up to 18 inches wide and 23 inches tall.